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3 D Objects


I usually find the most beautiful pieces of wood on the banks of the Rhein especially after a flood.  Seeing a piece of wood, I immediately know what to do to change it into a interesting 3 D object.  After cleaning it, the texture and patterns of the wood  make it even more exiting.  Then  the work starts  by combining it with other material (wire, thread, recycling material, paint, etc)

Sometimes  the idea I had with a certain piece of wood changes, because it develops in a total other direction of  composition and meaning.

Wald Momente - 47x37x16 cm - 3D
Landskap met son II - 45x25x20 cm - 3D



"Funky" Furniture


Give old furniture a face lift and use it again in order to save an tree or two.  My latest project is to make use of old furniture which I give a total different character by painting sections of the item with patterns and stripes.  In combining it with other furniture gives a beautiful "eye catcher" in your house.

Wooden Chair 1
Chair 2
Table 1
Table with drawers

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